3 Signs It’s Time for Concrete Driveway Replacement

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Rochester Hills Concrete Driveway ServiceIf your idea of a home is one that’s safe, strong, long lasting yet beautiful, then you might have chosen to buy a property with decorative concrete applications on its exterior surfaces, such as a concrete driveway, and you did just the right thing.

As we all know, concrete adds many benefits to homes, not just because they look amazing, but because concrete is the most long lasting building material in the market nowadays, and we believe it’s going to stay the same for a long time, but although concrete applications can last up to 20 years if properly installed and well maintained, we are aware that it can be different in some cases, and that concrete can get damaged due to factors like extreme weather, bad maintenance and bad installation. In this case, the proper thing to do is get a replacement.

A common problem in homes is the deterioration that concrete driveways suffer, which happens mainly due to heavy traffic. We know this isn’t the end of the world, but it can definitely add many headaches to your everyday life, so if you suspect that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced, why not do it now before it’s too late.

Here are 3 signs that tell you need a concrete driveway replacement:

  • Cracked concrete: If you see prominent cracks on your concrete driveway, then you need to replace it for sure. This is the most notorious sign that shows that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced. Some will recommend to repair it, but this will only make you spend money on something you will need to fix again later in the year.
  • Pitted concrete: Whether you notice small or large pits on your concrete driveway, this is a clear sign that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced. Patching these holes will only be a temporary solution, but they will eventually be uncovered again, and the more you let them like this the bigger they will become.
  • Sunken concrete: When you notice a part of your concrete driveway is sinking, you need to hurry up to get the problem solved as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the more your driveway will sink and it will most likely cause costly damages.

Let’s not forget that concrete applications to your home increase the value of your property, but if you ever want to sell it and your driveway or any other application you may choose to add is not in a good condition, your property will lose a lot of its value.

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Michigan Concrete Patio Installers 

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Michigan Concrete Patio InstallersUntil wood decks became so trendy a decade or so ago, most patios were made of hard materials like concrete, brick or stone. Today, many homeowners who installed those wood decks need to replace them because of rotting or warped wood, or because they are simply fed up with the hassle of staining and sealing them every few years. Patios made of concrete or concrete pavers are making a big comeback as homeowners now realize all the benefits they were missing out on by installing wood or wood-composite decking. Here are some of the reasons why people are making the switch:

Thanks to the design versatility of concrete, your patio will never look just like your neighbor’s. And with recent advances in coloring techniques and stamping tools, patios made of poured-in-place concrete are more versatile than ever before. Concrete is easily formed into any shape, allowing you to accommodate backyard space restrictions or incorporate attractive curves. With the use of stains and other coloring methods, you can also achieve just about any hue imaginable, whether you want to match the stone facade of your house or blend in with the natural landscape.

You can also choose from a vast array of pattern and design options, including stamped patterns, stenciling, engraving, exposed aggregate and more. While many concrete patios are designed to complement the outdoor landscape, some homeowners choose a concrete patio style that complements their indoor living space to create a surface that blends in seamlessly with the interior decor. Concrete can also be made to resemble other popular patio materials, including brick, natural stone and even wood.

In addition to concrete’s versatility, concrete is highly durable and can stand up to the wide range of weather conditions found across the country. In fact, many concrete contractors in colder climates take special measures to ensure the durability of the concrete patios they produce.

Easier Maintenance
When compared with individual masonry paving units and natural stone, concrete is easier to maintain because it’s a solid surface. Unlike paving stones, you won’t have sand-filled joints between units where grass and weeds can sprout. In addition, individual pavers can settle unevenly, creating dangerous tripping hazards.

When compared with wood, a concrete patio saves you the labor of staining and resealing year after year, and it’s invulnerable to termite infestation, wood rot and splintering. (See Concrete Patio Maintenance Is a Breeze).

Environmentally Friendly
Installing a concrete patio rather than a wood deck saves lumber and eliminates the need for regular maintenance with solvent-based wood stains and sealers.

Better Value
Concrete can be stamped, engraved, stenciled or textured to resemble pricier stone or brick pavers, and often at a fraction of the cost, especially when you factor in the labor savings. The aesthetic appeal and durability of decorative concrete will also boost the resale value of your home.

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Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

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Michigan Exposed Aggregate Service

Pictured above are just some examples of our beautiful exposed aggregate projects!

Concrete surfaces don’t have to look dull and ordinary. Perhaps you’ve admired a neighbor’s stunning and decorative concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio and didn’t know how this look was obtained. Basically, it’s done by removing the top concrete layer.

As a result, the attractive color and texture of the aggregate lying underneath is revealed. There are several advantages of exposed aggregate concrete, also known as simply aggregate concrete. Here are a few of the benefits, along with some considerations and warnings.


One of the main perks of having an exposed aggregate concrete surface is its exceptional durability as it holds up very well in heavy traffic. Because it’s constructed from concrete, aggregate concrete can last for four decades or even longer. This can help in saving money as you won’t have to replace your concrete surface later.

This type of concrete surface can endure extreme weather, which can be a huge plus for Minnesota homeowners who deal with a lot of snow and ice. In summer, your aggregate concrete surface does just as well in handling direct sunlight and rain.


Another important benefit is the many colors that this concrete surface can provide. You don’t have to settle for dreary black or gray colors when you have an exposed aggregate concrete. The tiny stones lying on the top can consist of a rainbow of colors that match or go well with the exterior colors of your house. On the other hand, you may want contrasting colors to add interest.

What’s more, there’s also a wide variation in textures and sizes. The texture can depend on stone size. While some stones are tiny, others are larger and can be different shapes.


Many homeowners prefer aggregate concrete surfaces because not much maintenance is required. All you need to do is occasionally clean your concrete surface with water.

You’ll also need to have your concrete sealed initially to give it a glossy appearance. After the first sealing, you should reseal it about every three to five years so that the concrete keeps its shiny look. 


Furthermore, an exposed aggregate driveway is considerably safe. Keep in mind that this type of surface is skid-resistant. This is because of the layered, small stones on the concrete surface which gives it texture so that it’s more unlikely to slip and fall. 


Three different ways are can be used to create floors that have exposed aggregate concrete. Monolithic, which is the easiest method, is also the most popular one. This process entails batching the aggregate into concrete when concrete is being made. A smaller aggregate, called “pea stone” is the one that’s typically used in the monolithic technique.

The seeded method involves placing aggregate over concrete. This should begin shortly after the concrete has been laid. Using mechanical spreaders can give more coverage, but hand broadcasting is the method that’s most commonly used.

The overlay method is used on existing concrete that’s in good condition to make it look new. This is done by mixing aggregate overlay material and then applying the mixture over the old concrete. 


  • An additional advantage of exposed aggregate concrete is its ability to conceal tire marks on a concrete surface. This is due to the fact that the aggregate material is made up of various colors that can easily hide marks and stains.
  • Aggregate concrete doesn’t require as many additional tools and materials as other types of decorative techniques do.
  • Several factors can affect the cost for applying exposed aggregate concrete, such as the condition of a surface area, stone type and labor rate. If special preparation is needed, the price can increase.
  • It’s best to let a professional do the job of laying the surface. Consider that most homeowners lack the knowledge and experience to know how to properly pour, expose, wash and seal a concrete surface. Also, this process can take as long as several weeks.

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Clarkston MI Pool Builders

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4 Advantages of a Custom Pool On Your Property

Clarkston MI Pool Builders

Pictured above is a beautiful pool and pool deck we installed for a satisfied client!


Because life can feel overwhelming, sometimes it’s best just to leave your worries inside and cannonball into a pool like you did when you were young. It’s amazing how much stress relief you’ll enjoy after doing a few cannon balls and yelling as loud as you can underwater. Once you get all that stress out, grab a floaty or a few pool noodles and lay out in your own swimming pool.

Fun for the Entire Family

Believe it or not, the pool is not just for adults to cannonball into. Young kids will love pretend swimming in a two-foot box, so if you give them an actual custom-built pool, they’re not going to know what to do with all that excitement and free space to swim. Whether it’s a classic game of Marco Polo or just cooling off, a pool on your property will surely bring your family together.

Health Benefits

The pool isn’t just for decoration. It’s for enjoying. Swimming is actually a great exercise, and because water is roughly 800 times denser than air, you can do more and burn more calories inside a pool than on dry land. Because we are all so busy, it’s difficult for us to set a specific time for working out every day. If you have the luxury of your very own pool, however, you can just dive in and swim around for a while. Even better, you will actually burn even more calories than going to the gym.

Custom Pool Installation

One of the advantages of hiring a custom pool builder is that you can get extremely creative with where your pool is placed and what it looks like. Maybe you want an indoor/outdoor pool? Maybe you’re eyeing an infinity pool. Or perhaps you want a pool to stretch around your house like a moat? However you want your pool’s design to be, it can be done with custom pool installation.

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Clarkston MI Pool Builder

Clarkston MI Pool Builder – Mazza Company Concrete (248) 625-3305

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Clarkston MI Pool Builder

Pictured above is one of our Clarkston MI Custom Pools!

Advantages You’ll Love to Learn About Owning a Pool


Did you know that with the current economy, the installation cost of an inground swimming pool in your backyard is much more affordable than years past? Having a pool installed in on your property may also benefit you if you decide to sell your home in the future. For many, swimming pools are a must when looking for a new home. If you have a custom pool already installed in your yard, your home could end up being much more attractive.


Although your pool will require maintenance such as pool chemicals and overall care knowledge, it’s nothing that can’t be learned. If you own a pool, you will have to make it a priority to know how to keep your pool in pristine condition. A plus for those who do not have any prior pool experience is that there are many pool service companies in the area who can do all of the hard work like balancing chemicals and cleaning, at an affordable price.


It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold, if you own a custom pool with a firepit in the distance, you’ll have a place to hangout with friends and family. Including an outdoor firepit and kitchen can benefit you if you love to recreate and hang out with friends and family. In the summertime, your pool can be a place of gathering and in the wintertime, the fireplace next to your inground hot tub could be one too. It seems that the weather hasn’t played a very big role on canceling pool or hot tub fun!

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