Oakland County Acid Stained Flooring

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Acid Stained Flooring

Acid Stained Floors Oakland CountyAcid Staining (also known as Acid Etching) gives concrete a mottled, variegated, marble like look. It creates beautiful color right onto your existing concrete.

Why Acid Stain Concrete instead of other flooring options?

Acid Stained Concrete Floors are economical, durable, elegant and easy to maintain. Those suffering from allergies find concrete staining especially appealing and a welcomed change from deep pile carpeting. Acid Stain Flooring is virtually maintenance free for a carefree lifestyle. Simply damp mop as needed or to add additional shine, just add wax!

What to Expect

Never expect Acid Stain to be uniform or have an even tone (as the look of natural stone does not). You’ll get a different reaction from slab to slab. it’s unique qualities is what makes Acid Stain so desirable. source: acidstainflooring.com

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Michigan Acid Stain Flooring Service

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Mazza Concrete – Michigan Acid Stain Flooring Service

Michigan Acid Stain Flooring ServiceFAQ – Acid staining questions

Does acid stain permanently change the color of concrete?
Yes, acid stain will be permanent, so choose colors wisely, and test a spot.

Does acid stain fade over time?
No, acid stains do not fade, but the top layer on concrete which contains the stain can be worn away by abrasion giving the appearance of fading. A sealer applied for a wear surface prevents this.

Can acid stain peel off?
No, acid stains chemically react with the concrete to become one with the surface.

How long do you leave acid stain on the surface?
This depends on the concrete being stained and the acid stain selected, so it varies. An average time would be 3 hours.

Is acid stain durable outdoors?
Yes, with the exception of green and blue acid stains that have the tendency to darken over time.

What if my concrete chips?
Acid stain colors the top surface – 1/16th inch max so a chip will result in revealing the base color. This blemish can be removed with additional stain/ sealer applied to the affected area. A patching compound may also be used and then stained, but rarely will the color of a patching compound be the same as the original substrate.

My concrete has many blemishes, pits, etc. Will acid stain hide this?
No, Trutint acid stain will highlight differences in the concrete surface.

Can acid stained concrete be polished?
Yes, acid stained concrete may be polished. Keep in mind a deep grind may remove some of the stain because acid stain does not penetrate all the way through the concrete.

Can I mix colors?
Yes, Trutint acid stains can be mixed directly in a bottle or mixed or mixed on the floor. Acid stains don’t always mix like waterbase colors every time because of chemical reactions taking place and unexpected colors may result.

If I had carpet down can I acid stain the concrete beneath?
Yes. Carpet without glue will not affect acid stain. There may be tack strips with nails into the concrete around the perimeter which can be turned into a border. Tape off the edge 8″ or more and apply a microtopping. If glue is on the concrete then a stripper and/ or a scrubber will be needed to remove the material. Residue/ solvents from the glue may still be present and create a ghosting in the stain. A microtopping for the entire surface may be neccessary.

If my concrete had VCT tiles on it, can they be removed and acid stain the floor?
Yes. The glue left by the tiles has to be thoroughly reemoved. There will probably be an outline of the tiles left even after proper cleaning. Many people leave this ghosting outline and stain resulting in a look similiar to marble tiles. If you don’t want the tile outlines a microtopping may be needed. A microtopping is a thin concrete veneer applied to the floor that creates a fresh “canvas” to work with.

Can I use acid stain on a concrete countertop?
Yes. Acid stain is frequently used on concrete countertops. Some acid stains contain salts that can be toxic if eaten. Thoroughly cleaning any free material/ residue and sealing with a sealer designed for concrete counters is the common practice.

What maintenance is required of an acid stained floor?
If the floor is indoors and subject to only light foot traffic, usually a simple matter of dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a mild cleaner. Types of cleaners that can be used depends on the type of sealer. For example ammonia should not be used on acrylics or waxes.
Rewaxing may be necessary if the surface loses its shine or becomes dull.

In a typical household, rewaxing may be necessary in a year or longer and can easily be applied with mop or cloth.

In high trafic areas or commercial settings, it may be necessary to reapply the finish more often.

Exterior acid stained concrete should be broom swept regularly and can rinsed with a hose and lightly scrubbed. When you begin to notice exterior acid stained concrete losing most of its shine, or not repelling water well, an additional coat of sealer may be necessary. Typically sealer needs to be lightly reapplied every two years. source: acidstains.biz

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Acid Stained Floors Oakland County MI

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Why Choose Acid Stained Floors?

Acid Stained Floors Oakland CountyIt is unique and exceptional

Acid Stain concrete is a real tailored-made flooring solution that is designed and realized on the basis of the final requests of the project manager and the client. Acid Stain floors are made from specific acids based on metallic salts which penetrate the concrete and change its color in order to create unique and long-lasting effects. Reactive stains do not create a film but chemically change the color of concrete, producing permanent, variegated or translucent effects, very similar to natural stone shades, or an aged look. The result is exceptional for each surface and it can’t be reproduced by other coloring materials. The concrete floors loose their simple look and become increasingly more natural and beautiful.

It is practical and easy to maintain

Commercial spaces and areas shine thanks to colorful and easy to maintain floors. Acid stain colors are more long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear than concrete surfaces covered with acrylic colors or resins that may wear out, break up or peel. Due to the chemical reaction with the concrete, Ideal Work acids become part of the surface. They are not subject to fading, scratches, stripping or cracking and are as resistant as the concrete slab itself. source: idealwork.com

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