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4 Advantages of a Custom Pool On Your Property

Clarkston MI Pool Builders

Pictured above is a beautiful pool and pool deck we installed for a satisfied client!


Because life can feel overwhelming, sometimes it’s best just to leave your worries inside and cannonball into a pool like you did when you were young. It’s amazing how much stress relief you’ll enjoy after doing a few cannon balls and yelling as loud as you can underwater. Once you get all that stress out, grab a floaty or a few pool noodles and lay out in your own swimming pool.

Fun for the Entire Family

Believe it or not, the pool is not just for adults to cannonball into. Young kids will love pretend swimming in a two-foot box, so if you give them an actual custom-built pool, they’re not going to know what to do with all that excitement and free space to swim. Whether it’s a classic game of Marco Polo or just cooling off, a pool on your property will surely bring your family together.

Health Benefits

The pool isn’t just for decoration. It’s for enjoying. Swimming is actually a great exercise, and because water is roughly 800 times denser than air, you can do more and burn more calories inside a pool than on dry land. Because we are all so busy, it’s difficult for us to set a specific time for working out every day. If you have the luxury of your very own pool, however, you can just dive in and swim around for a while. Even better, you will actually burn even more calories than going to the gym.

Custom Pool Installation

One of the advantages of hiring a custom pool builder is that you can get extremely creative with where your pool is placed and what it looks like. Maybe you want an indoor/outdoor pool? Maybe you’re eyeing an infinity pool. Or perhaps you want a pool to stretch around your house like a moat? However you want your pool’s design to be, it can be done with custom pool installation.

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