Thinking about a new patio? Concrete may be the answer for you. Here are a few reasons why concrete is a great choice.

Less Maintenance: Concrete block paving requires far less maintenance than other paving materials. Concrete block paving’s strength and durability eliminates costly patching and surfacing.

Easily Reusable: Unlike asphalt, paving blocks can be removed for access to underground utilities and reinstalled after repairs are completed.

Cooler in Summer: Concrete block paving remains cooler than asphalt in summer making it the ideal choice for parks, patios, around swimming pools and pedestrian areas.

Easier to Install: The installation of concrete paving blocks requires neither the specialized equipment nor the intensive skilled labor of asphalt. Block paving does not require favorable weather and temperature for successful installation, avoiding costly construction delays.

Major Cost Savings: The initially higher cost concrete block paving is recouped many times over through longer product life, reduced maintenance, repair, sealing and stripping costs, making concrete block paving an economical choice for your next paving job.


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