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You would have surely seen decorative driveways, sidewalks and patios and perhaps wondered how they are achieved. Those are achieved by using exposed aggregate concrete. Those floors are done by removing the top layer on concrete from a surface to reveal the color and texture of aggregate beneath it. Exposed concrete floors are durable and provide skid resistance.


There are both pros and cons of using exposed aggregate concrete. The advantages include:
•Get gorgeous decorative effects at an affordable cost as very few additional materials are needed. You may will only need some decorative aggregates, surface retardant, sprayer and a garden hose. So, exposed aggregate concrete is not expensive.
•The construction procedure is quite simple and anybody experienced in handling concrete can do it.
•The surface is weather resitant, lasts long and also skid resistant.
•There are variety of decorative aggregates like small or large size, round, colored etc available.
•It suits with the other decoratives around.
•No additional maintenance except occasional cleaning with water and resealing every few years.
source: civilengineersforum.com

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