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Acid Stained Flooring

Acid Stained Floors Oakland CountyAcid Staining (also known as Acid Etching) gives concrete a mottled, variegated, marble like look. It creates beautiful color right onto your existing concrete.

Why Acid Stain Concrete instead of other flooring options?

Acid Stained Concrete Floors are economical, durable, elegant and easy to maintain. Those suffering from allergies find concrete staining especially appealing and a welcomed change from deep pile carpeting. Acid Stain Flooring is virtually maintenance free for a carefree lifestyle. Simply damp mop as needed or to add additional shine, just add wax!

What to Expect

Never expect Acid Stain to be uniform or have an even tone (as the look of natural stone does not). You’ll get a different reaction from slab to slab. it’s unique qualities is what makes Acid Stain so desirable. source: acidstainflooring.com

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