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What is the REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring System

Reflector Epoxy Floors Michigan

REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Epoxy Flooring Systems (REFS) is the result of property owners and design professionals needing durable, low maintenance flooring alternatives to other residential and commercial flooring products to compete with lower prices but with improved aesthetic appeal. REFS easily creates colors and mottled patterning that cannot be achieve with any other flooring or staining processes but can be applied to match virtually any surrounding architecture or design.
•Unlimited colors
•Unlimited patterns
•Unlimited designs
•Unsurpassed durability compared to other flooring products
•Typical installations are less than have the time of other flooring products
•Easy to clean
•Cost effective

Advantages over tile:

Harder and stronger than conventional tile. So strong that you can drive a forklift on our flooring systems.
Stain does not discolor like that with tile.
Typical installations are installed much faster than tile.
Advantages over wood flooring:

Much harder than wood flooring.
Much higher level of scratch resistance.
Is not damaged by water or food spills.
Advantages over VCT:

Other than price, everything about our flooring systems are better and we can even offer cost competitive alternatives to VCT.
Advantages over carpeting:

Other than a soft floor to work on, our flooring systems are better in all aspects.
Depending on your budget and design options, our flooring systems are always cost competitive and most of the time less than other flooring systems.

Where to Use
Interior projects
Existing Concrete
High traffic areas
Commercial or residential

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