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Stamped Concrete Advantages and Maintenance

stamped concrete driveway rochester hillsStamped and colored concrete can be applied to driveways, walkways and patios. It can also be used to surround the pool or garden, or for balconies and decks. Wherever it is used it will create a very appealing look.

The visual effect of the colored stamped concrete, namely its vibrant colors, is created with the use of dyes, sealers and stains. So in order to maintain that vibrant look, it is recommended that you apply a sealer on a regular basis. Every one to fours years is a guideline, but it also depends if it’s a high traffic area or if it is exposed to harsh weather.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete allows you to achieve stimulating visual effects through varieties of patterns, designs and colors. This adds appeal and enhances the whole look of your house. Not only can you create a new driveway using all these applications, but your old driveway can be revamped using these methods also.

Another benefit of stamped concrete is that you get this great result, with the use of concrete, which is widely known in the building industry for its durability. It is also economical, for it will last longer than other materials. Stamped concrete can stand up to harsh weather conditions and high traffic.

Stamped Concrete FAQ’s

Will Stamped Concrete Crack?

Due to the nature of concrete, it will at some time crack. However, over the years advanced installation techniques have been developed in order to help pro-long the occurrence of cracking.

Here is a list of important techniques when installing concrete:

•Extensive preparation of sub-base and base
•Carry out compaction twice
•Install a steel structure inside the concrete
•Every 8-12 feet, install control/expansion joints
•Use heavy-duty, flexible fiber mesh mix
•Use thick layers of color hardener to strengthen surface

If you apply all of these techniques, the concrete may still develop hairline cracks, which are so small and will not be noticeable, or affect the structural performance.

Is Stamped Concrete Prone to Scratches?

It may scratch. If you don’t use steel bars to remove ice and snow you may be able to prevent scratching of the surface. Also, it is recommended that you use brooms or plastic shovels for snow removal, and if using a plow insert rubber under the skids to protect the concrete from the blades.

Will Stamped Concrete Stain?

An acrylic sealer is usually applied when your Stamped Concrete is installed. This sealer will protect your surface from staining and will protect and enhance the color. source:

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