Mazza Building & Development Company is no longer installing stamped concrete of any kind and here are some of the reasons why…..

Stamped concrete is a weaker, problematic, high maintenance product.

Stamped concrete requires power washing and resealing every year to maintain its sheen or the product starts to look dirty, dingy, and dull. Power washing and sealing can be a very expensive and time consuming process. Once multiple coats of sealer have been applied over the years the entire sealed surface will need to be stripped which can be extremely labor intensive, messy, and costly.

If stamped concrete chips on the surface or cracks it is very noticeable to you, your family, and your guests.

Because of the possibility of “Overworking” the surface during the finishing and stamping process stamped concrete can have a weaker concrete surface resulting in actual surface fail which is where the surface pits, chips, and flakes away.

Stamped and colored concrete can weather and fade over time. The integral coloring in stamped concrete can weaken the concrete product. If surface color hardeners are used in place of integral coloring a chip in the surface will reveal the gray concrete beneath.

Larger stamped concrete projects can require multiple pours. The multiple pours can have variations of color shades between each load. This can be very noticeable in the finished product. Color is affected by water content, cement, sand, and stone ratios, humidity, rate of cure, temperatures, etc….

Architects and designers we work for would never allow any stamped concrete to be installed on any of their projects but use exposed aggregate and a combination of exposed aggregate and standard broom finished concrete on their projects all the time.

For a far superior, timeless, beautiful, long lasting, and virtually maintenance free, decorative concrete product we recommend exposed aggregate every time.

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