Acid Stained Floors Oakland County MI

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Why Choose Acid Stained Floors?

Acid Stained Floors Oakland CountyIt is unique and exceptional

Acid Stain concrete is a real tailored-made flooring solution that is designed and realized on the basis of the final requests of the project manager and the client. Acid Stain floors are made from specific acids based on metallic salts which penetrate the concrete and change its color in order to create unique and long-lasting effects. Reactive stains do not create a film but chemically change the color of concrete, producing permanent, variegated or translucent effects, very similar to natural stone shades, or an aged look. The result is exceptional for each surface and it can’t be reproduced by other coloring materials. The concrete floors loose their simple look and become increasingly more natural and beautiful.

It is practical and easy to maintain

Commercial spaces and areas shine thanks to colorful and easy to maintain floors. Acid stain colors are more long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear than concrete surfaces covered with acrylic colors or resins that may wear out, break up or peel. Due to the chemical reaction with the concrete, Ideal Work acids become part of the surface. They are not subject to fading, scratches, stripping or cracking and are as resistant as the concrete slab itself. source:

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