Concrete Patios in Bloomfield, MI

Why Concrete Patio/Paving Blocks?

More Strength, More Life: Concrete paving blocks are stronger and more durable than conventional materials.

Less Absorbent: Concrete block paving has less than 5% absorption which is considerably lower than both asphalt, providing for substantial resistance to soil and salt, common destructive agents to the life and appearance of other paving surfaces.

More Attractive: Because concrete paving blocks are available in a variety of shapes, and endless number of beautiful patterns and designs can be created which simply cannot be achieved with asphalt.


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Concrete Driveway Bloomfield MI

Reasons Why Concrete Driveways are Considered “Green”:

They are constructed using resources that are renewable

-They can reduce energy usage by the reflection of light

-They last longer than other driveway surface materials

-The materials can be recycled when the driveway needs to be replaced or is completely worn out

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