Concrete Staining for Existing Patios – Bloomfield, MI

Are you looking to improve the look of a drab, existing patio but don’t want to pay for a full renovation? Perhaps you’d be interested in concrete staining.

Staining is an economical and highly versatile way to upgrade the look of both new and existing concrete patios. With stains, you have the ability to add subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, and even custom graphics. What’s more, because concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won’t flake off or peel away.

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Driveway Repair/Installation/Removal Specialists – Bloomfield Hills, MI

If you’re looking to remove your existing driveway and replace it with a standard concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, or stamped concrete driveway, Mazza Company Concrete, Inc. has the equipment and manpower to do so!

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