Concrete Driveway Installation in Birmingham, Michigan

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Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

concrete-driveway-birmingham-miA concrete driveway has long been considered a necessary addition to many housing designs. When compared to alternative driveway materials such as asphalt or stone, concrete offers numerous advantages. From functionality to design versatility, concrete delivers a complete package that makes it a great material for your home’s driveway.


There’s a reason that most roadways, bridges and parking lots are constructed from concrete. In terms of strength and long-term structural integrity, concrete is one of the most functional materials available. Whether you own a subcompact car or a large SUV, your vehicle weighs thousands of pounds. Concrete’s immense denseness and strength makes it an ideal load-bearing material. When poured correctly, concrete driveways are also highly unlikely to crack.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Concrete driveways are no longer confined to slate gray colors and flat slab finishes. A concrete driveway can now be dyed any color imaginable to provide a unique, eye-catching addition to your home’s exterior. Additionally, concrete can be polished and textured to offer further design flexibility.

Simple Maintenance

Maintaining a concrete driveway is a relatively simple task. Generally, stains and other marks can be removed with warm water and a mild soap. For more difficult stains, you may need to scrub the driveway with dry granular cleaner. If you choose the appeal of a polished driveway, then topical sealant may need to be applied on a routine basis to protect the finish. Buffing may also be required to restore lost luster and shine. source:

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Birmingham, MI – Driveway Installation and Repair

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