Cost of Concrete Driveways – West Bloomfield Township, MI

The cost is probably the first thing you’d want to find out when you’re considering to have your driveway done with concrete. The price can vary depending on what options you want included in your concrete and design. Basic concrete can range from $8-12 per square foot. More elaborate designs and texture options can cost anywhere from $12-18+ per square foot. Whatever you choose, we can come up with a custom pricing plan for you to fit your needs.

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Is Exposed Aggregate For You?









Exposed Aggregate finishes are achieved by washing away the top layer of cement to leave the surface layer of aggregate exposed (controlled conditions safely collect the washings). There are many different colors and textures available. It all comes down to your preferences.

Just some of the options include:

  • polished concrete floors and benchtops for indoors
  • exposed aggregates for driveways and paths
  • addition of other materials (glass, shells or colours) for a unique look

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Concrete Driveways – West Bloomfield, MI

Been putting off getting a new driveway because you think it will cost too much or  it wont be finished soon enough? Think again! The team at Mazza Company Concrete are priced competitively, have high quality standards, and get the job done fast due to the strength of their crew and disciplined work ethic.  Mazza Company Concrete makes the design and installation process a breeze so you can enjoy life with your family.

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