Concrete Removal Specialists in Oakland County, MI

If you are looking to remove a concrete surface, there are different ways to go about doing it.

 Cutting method

This process cuts the concrete into full depth perimeter to separate it for removal like a unit. The load carrying capacities from the lifting and transporting equipment used in the process determine the maximum size the system. Because the majority of concrete is taken away as units, the handling of debris is extremely efficient. With no heat, vibration and mud are produced in this process.

This process is categorized into stitch drilling, diamond saws, thermal tools and abrasive water jets.

Blasting method

This process uses gas that quickly expands in a confined space inside a series of boreholes. This method can create controlled fractures that lead to the removal of the concrete. One example of this is explosive blasting, that is able to demolishing mass structures of concrete. The resulting debris is small in size and it is easily handled.


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