Michigan Exposed Aggregate Installer

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Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent way to get a spectacular look at a reasonable cost. The finish is achieved by either seeding (adding an aggregate such as decorative rocks, quartzite or crushed glass to fresh concrete) or stripping away the surface of fresh concrete to expose an interesting aggregate already mixed into the concrete. The finish is ideal for a concrete patio, a concrete pool deck, a driveway or a sidewalk.

Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete:
•More slip resistant than brushed concrete
•Almost unlimited color and texture options allow customizing your look
•Low maintenance, other than sealing and occasional cleaning
•Easier to master than other decorative techniques
•Requires fewer additional materials or tools than other decorative techniques
•Often less expensive than other decorative techniques
•Resistant to heavy traffic and extreme weather

Advanced techniques can be used to achieve even more dramatic effects. You can use contrasting aggregates, alternate areas of smooth and exposed-aggregate finishes, use wood divider strips for contrast or color the concrete in a complementary shade. Whatever effect you use, exposed aggregate concrete will get you the most bang for your buck.

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Michigan Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Michigan Exposed Aggregate Driveways – Mazza Company Concrete (248) 652-3305

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What is Exposed Aggregate?

Michigan Exposed Aggregate Driveways

The term Exposed Aggregate is exactly that. We expose the stone that we make the concrete from. The result is a very hard-wearing surface (after all, stone is generally harder than concrete).

To create different finishes, we use a variety of aggregates, including quartz, granites, basalts and marble, to name a few. The color of the concrete can be either a similar color to your stone choice, or a contrast. Results can be stunning. Exposed aggregate concrete is used in driveways, footpaths, pool surrounds – anywhere that concrete or paving slabs are used.

Water Wash Finish

Ideal for driveways, pool surrounds and pathways. A cost-effective, hard-wearing surface that adds value and distinction to your home.

Sandblasting Finish

By sandblasting, any rough edges on the stone are removed, giving a slightly smoother surface. Sandblasting is a preferred method for vertical surfaces or extremely steep driveways.

Pavilion Finish

The ultimate outdoor finish it is designed as a nonslip, highly durable semi smooth surface. It is ideally suited to pool decks, courtyards, Alfresco, pool and spa houses, outdoor kitchens and even driveways. Providing a stunning low maintenance finish. Our Pavilion finish is something you will be proud to show your family and friends.

Grinding and Polishing Finish

Remember terrazzo? Well, this is more refined. Suitable for internal floors and outdoor covered areas. The concrete surface is ground and then finally buffed to give you a mirror-like finish. At the end of the grinding process, the concrete surface is extremely hard and does not require sealing. Whether used as a feature, or for the whole floor in your new home; it’s simply stunning. source: mentonepremix.com.au

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