5 Advantageous Reasons to go for Exposed Aggregate Concrete in your Home

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Franklin TN Exposed Aggregate Patios

In the recent years, exposed aggregate concrete has become everyone’s favorite and is a big household name today! This exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative form of surface concrete. It is used in sidewalks, driveways and patios. It looks so unique and extraordinary because of the presence of stone, pebbles and sand. And to bring out the various designs and effects or patterns, the finishing of exposed aggregate concrete is done by stripping the surface or by seeding.

You can achieve a decorative driveway, sidewalk or patio by using the exposed aggregate concrete. Therefore, in order to get a spectacular look at reasonable cost, exposed aggregate concrete is the way to go!

There are various benefits also that come with the installation of exposed aggregate concrete.

#1. Highly customizeable

  1. You can add various materials, create unique designs, modify them to form new patterns and get bold or subtle effect according to your taste and preference.
  2. With a wide range of texture and an array of colors to choose from you can be free to choose them at your will and create something new and beautiful.

#2. Complements designs

The best thing about these exposed aggregate concretes is that they are highly versatile.

  1. They can easily blend in with almost any design. They can be also pulled off with a house that has natural stones.
  2. The colors can be as subtle and as bold as you want. You can go ahead and add almost any material like quartz, granite, limestone or basalt that would enhance your home even more.

#3. High durability

  1. Since this decorative process has the structural integrity of concretes it is highly durable and sturdy.
  2. This will create a natural aggregate finish that will ensure not only the ability to withstand heavy traffic but also make it look beautiful.
  3. The material is able to sustain various elements like a heavy weight and other climatic or non-climatic conditions, without sinking or damaging the surface.

#4. Safe and resistance to traffic

  1. This is a very sturdy and a strong option to get your driveway, patio or sidewalks to be decorated in.
  2. They are made in such a way that they are able to withstand heavy traffic without causing any sinking or damage to the floor.
  3. This solid floor plan would be safe in all the conditions and resistant to traffic.
  4. Another big benefit is that this exposed aggregate concrete surface is slip-resistant. Because of this property, it is extremely safe for children and elderly both.

#5. Most practical solution

  1. Exposed aggregate concretes give you a more appealing, stylish and modern flooring that is sure to grab everyone’s attention!
  2. This is a material that will create a more natural looking pathway that basically needs less or no maintenance at all.
  3. It just needs regular cleaning of the installed concrete so that it is hygienic and clean.
  4. By installing these exposed aggregate concrete, you will be eliminating the formation and growth of any kind of weeds or moss altogether. Thus, it makes exposed a practical and beneficial choice for home owners.

Exposed aggregate concrete does not only have durability but also has a range of design possibilities that you can take full advantage of. Different colors and textures enable you to form your own unique design. Exposed aggregate concrete designs involve artful combinations of many materials like stones etc. to give you a design that is unique in its own way.

Although you will require a professional to help you carry out this process, it will be worth every penny. So, it is not only important that you get the best materials and best quality aggregates, but it is also important that you hire a professionally skilled contractor to turn your dream into a reality!

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Columbia TN Concrete Driveway Service

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Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

Columbia TN Concrete Driveway ServiceAffordable
Material cost AND designed life are both important to consider when buying a driveway. Concrete offers competitive initial costs and because it requires little or no maintenance, also offers considerable savings over time.

Your driveway is your homes first impression. Concrete adds value to your curb appeal by presenting a clean, professional appearance. You know that concrete driveways are built to outlast your life time!

Natural rock and steel are the only things that can handle the wear and tear like concrete. When it comes to driveways, concrete take the most abuse and live the longest!

Your imagination is the limit! Virtually any color, texture or pattern can be duplicated with concrete.

Regardless of the landscape around your home, concrete driveways are a sure fit. Enhancing your property with concrete is resourceful.

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Tennessee Concrete Driveway Replacement

Tennessee Concrete Driveway Replacement – Mazza Company Concrete 

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Concrete Driveway FAQ’s

Tennessee Concrete Driveway Replacement

Can a concrete driveway be repaired? – Normally, concrete is replaced rather than repaired. Replacement lasts longer and does its job better. Depending on the age, size and degree of damage, however, repairs may be possible. In many cases, an area of a concrete surface can be removed and replaced.

When should a concrete driveway be installed? – Mild or warm weather is the best time to install concrete. Temperatures should not drop below 35 degrees for at least 30 days after installation, and concrete should not be installed in extremely hot weather.

How long will my concrete driveway take to build? – That depends on the size, and complexity of your project. Typical concrete projects for residential use normally take 1-3 days of actual work. Curing time adds to the time required before new concrete can be used.

What preparations are made for concrete driveway paving? – This depends on the type of the subsoil at your location. In some cases, very little needs to be done, but in others soil must be removed and replaced with crushed rock. Other soil stabilization may also be required.

How thick should the concrete be? – Concrete thickness depends on the loads the concrete surface must hold. For most residential uses, a thickness from 4″ is typical.

What concrete reinforcement will be used? – All concrete requires reinforcement to add tensile strength and to minimize cracking. A variety of reinforcing materials may be used, depending on your specific project. Concrete with microfibers in the mix will also help prevent cracking.

Will my concrete pavement crack? – Virtually every concrete project will develop cracks over time. They’re inevitable. However, properly installed concrete is designed to control cracking and minimize the appearance and impact of cracks.

How soon can I use my new concrete driveway? – While you can walk on your new concrete after just a couple of days, it will not develop its full strength until some time has passed. As a general rule, cars and other vehicles should stay off new concrete for a week.

What sealing is needed for my concrete driveway? – Proper sealing of concrete is the most important need. After the initial curing of concrete, which takes 30 days, a penetrating sealer should be applied to protect the concrete from salt and other contaminants. This sealing should be repeated every 3-5 years, using high-quality concrete sealer. 

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Custom Home Building Nashville TN – Advantages

Custom Home Building Nashville TN

Custom home building offers several advantages for those who are looking to create a home that meets their specific needs and preferences. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Personalization:
    • Design Freedom: Custom home building allows homeowners to have complete control over the design of their home. You can choose the layout, architectural style, and features that suit your lifestyle and taste.
    • Custom Features: You can incorporate unique and personalized features, such as a custom kitchen, special lighting, built-in storage, or even smart home technology.
  2. Quality Control:
    • Materials and Construction: With a custom home, you have more control over the quality of materials used and the construction process. You can choose durable and energy-efficient materials that meet your standards.
    • Craftsmanship: You have the ability to select skilled and reputable contractors and builders, ensuring a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  3. Energy Efficiency:
    • Green Building Options: Custom builders often offer green building options, allowing you to incorporate energy-efficient features, such as solar panels, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and better insulation.
  4. Location and Lot Choice:
    • Choice of Location: You have the flexibility to choose the location of your home, whether it’s in a specific neighborhood, near certain amenities, or on a particular type of terrain.
    • Lot Size and Orientation: Custom home building allows you to select the size and orientation of your lot, optimizing it for sunlight, privacy, or other preferences.
  5. Future Expansion and Flexibility:
    • Built for Future Needs: You can plan for future needs by designing spaces that can be easily adapted or expanded. This foresight can save you from the need to move or undergo major renovations later on.
  6. Financial Control:
    • Budget Management: While custom homes can be more expensive upfront, you have more control over the budget. You can prioritize spending on the features that matter most to you and potentially avoid paying for features you don’t need.
  7. Satisfaction and Long-Term Enjoyment:
    • Personal Satisfaction: Living in a home designed and built to your specifications can provide a deep sense of satisfaction and connection to your living space.
    • Long-Term Enjoyment: Custom homes are designed to meet your current and future needs, contributing to long-term satisfaction and enjoyment.
  8. Limited Renovation Needs:
    • Reduced Renovation: Since the home is built to your specifications from the start, there may be fewer needs for major renovations or adjustments after moving in.

While custom home building offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to carefully plan, budget, and work with experienced professionals to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome.

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3 Signs It’s Time for Concrete Driveway Replacement

Tennessee Concrete Driveway Service – Mazza Building & Development Co..

If you are in need of a top rated Tennessee Concrete Driveway Service, please contact Mazza Building & Development Co. at (615) 967-8819 for a free estimate. Click here to see photos of our work or Follow Us on Facebook!

Rochester Hills Concrete Driveway ServiceIf your idea of a home is one that’s safe, strong, long lasting yet beautiful, then you might have chosen to buy a property with decorative concrete applications on its exterior surfaces, such as a concrete driveway, and you did just the right thing.

As we all know, concrete adds many benefits to homes, not just because they look amazing, but because concrete is the most long lasting building material in the market nowadays, and we believe it’s going to stay the same for a long time, but although concrete applications can last up to 20 years if properly installed and well maintained, we are aware that it can be different in some cases, and that concrete can get damaged due to factors like extreme weather, bad maintenance and bad installation. In this case, the proper thing to do is get a replacement.

A common problem in homes is the deterioration that concrete driveways suffer, which happens mainly due to heavy traffic. We know this isn’t the end of the world, but it can definitely add many headaches to your everyday life, so if you suspect that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced, why not do it now before it’s too late.

Here are 3 signs that tell you need a concrete driveway replacement:

  • Cracked concrete: If you see prominent cracks on your concrete driveway, then you need to replace it for sure. This is the most notorious sign that shows that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced. Some will recommend to repair it, but this will only make you spend money on something you will need to fix again later in the year.
  • Pitted concrete: Whether you notice small or large pits on your concrete driveway, this is a clear sign that your concrete driveway needs to be replaced. Patching these holes will only be a temporary solution, but they will eventually be uncovered again, and the more you let them like this the bigger they will become.
  • Sunken concrete: When you notice a part of your concrete driveway is sinking, you need to hurry up to get the problem solved as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the more your driveway will sink and it will most likely cause costly damages.

Let’s not forget that concrete applications to your home increase the value of your property, but if you ever want to sell it and your driveway or any other application you may choose to add is not in a good condition, your property will lose a lot of its value.

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